Universal Children’s Day 2018
December 5, 2018
Donation of Uniform & Shoes by Members of CSDO for the year 2019-20
April 13, 2019

CSDO celebrated Annual Result Day 2018-19 in its 8 schools of CSDO School System located in Bhoth, Gohadpur, Talwara Mughalan, Ramgarha, Pakki Kotli, Jharianwala, Peero chak  & Gurhi Mallian. Mr. Ejaz Ghauree, Joint Secretary CSDO, Mrs. Anita Khawaja, Executive Body Member/Former Vice President CSDO, Mr. Asif Ali, Chairman, Sports Activities Committee SCCI, Mrs. Coordinator Kalsoom Society, Mr. Abul Ahad, Assistant Coordinator Kalsoom Society, other members of sialkot social community & CSDO staff  members attended the events. Students of CSDO School System participated in different tableau, skits and mili nagmas etc. At the end of event prizes were distributed among the students.