Chief Patron CSDO

Chief Patron CSDO ::

There hardly exits any example where the Chamber of Commerce Industry of the export oriented industries has established an independent NGO, to address issues related to social compliance of the industry. CSDO is one such glaring example which was established as one of the major outcomes of the Atlanta Agreement. Currently, membership of CSDO is mandatory for all Soccer Ball manufacturers participating in Child Labour Elimination Programme which is key strength of this organization.

SCCI appreciates the members of CSDO who have taxed themselves to contribute for running CSDO for prevention and elimination of child labour as well as to address CSR issues. We thank all the donors and supporters of CSDO such as WFSGI, Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled (PWTD), UNICEF, and CLEP member companies for their generous support to achieve objective of CSDO. The Chamber has been fully extending its support to CSDO since its establishment in 2002. Sialkot Chamber of Commerce appreciates the achievements of CSDO and assures its support in future as well. The Sialkot Chamber would like to see participation by all the industries in CSDO as part of their social responsibility towards the protection of children and social development in Sialkot.

I am sure that being a credible and independent organization, CSDO would prove a useful partner and provide an excellent platform to the potential donors for the proper implementation of their projects. SCCI appeals to the national and international donors, industrialists, and philanthropists to extend their maximum support to CSDO for the welfare of deserving children and the marginalized community.

Muhammad Ashraf Malik
President, SCCI / Chief Patron, CSDO